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Rooted in the past of a dystopian pre-independence future - that means a minimalist set littered with industrial remnants and a broken toilet - Scotland’s greatest heroes, Wallace, Bruce and Burns are tempted by their inner demons to confront their outer Hebrides. Lust, power, treachery, betrayal... sorry, have I just given away the ending?    

This epic production exposes the true price of freedom - it’s not just something you can pick up in Lidl’s - whilst treading the fine line between dark, visceral theatre and disappearing up one’s own arse. 

Written and directed by Philip Differ.

Featuring Bruce Morton, Matthew Gallagher, Clare Gray.   


MacBraveheart Fringe Reviews 

‘Differ’s script is fast-paced, punchy and foul-mouthed and keeps the laughs coming.’ The Scotsman

‘Brilliantly written and delivered with perfect comic timing. Hilarious.’  The List

‘Differ manages to lampoon Macbeth, Braveheart, Burns, Salmond, the independence movement, the language (‘You have to look at the bigger pilchard’) and, with rampant anachronisms and modern references, the whole genre of historical drama.  An uninterrupted delight!’  The Stage

‘Packed through with laugh-out loud moments from the off.’  One4Review

‘Crackles with sharp wit, humour and wordplay.   Go if you want a belly laugh!’  Morning Star


Preview clips from Rutherglen Town Hall performance

Rabbie Burns poem: “Tae a Knob"

Arbroath speech

Sacred Swally Prophecy

Wallace meets the witch