The Way I See It - Bob Starrett




An extraordinary collection of short stories, tales and cartoons from the life of a ‘wee Maryhill painter’.  Starrett used his formative years in Glasgow’s shipyards to hone his talent as a cartoonist and to play a key role in the battle to save ship-building on the Clyde.  The official cartoonist of the UCS Work-in during 1971-72, Bob’s satirical cartoons brought the workers message to millions.

In the intervening forty years Bob’s itinerant lifestyle saw him ply his trade in a variety of interesting and exotic locations, including working as a set-painter on films in Britain and Hollywood.   

Bob was part of the “veterans” crew that worked so hard during the 2011/12 UCS Work-in 40th anniversary celebrations to ensure the legacy of their historic victory was understood by a new generation.

Through essays, short stories, plays and cartoons Bob has quietly assembled a literary collection that encapsulates his eventful life and those of his comrades.

The Way I See It is an authentic piece of social and economic history, told from the standpoint of the workers, that embraces both the humour and hardships of Glasgow’s industrial past.

 £7.99, plus postage