Written and directed by Philip Differ.

Featuring Davie MacKay, Bruce Morton, Jack Mullen, Jordan O'Hara.


Specially commissioned by HMP Barlinnie.

7-date prison tour in May 2014 - Barlinnie, Perth, Cornton Vale, Dumfries.  Plus one 'outside performance at Oran Mor, Glasgow



The year is 2023. Since Scotland gained independence the prison service has undergone radical reform to the extent that the island of Arran is now occupied by Scotland’s entire prison population and let me tell you, the holiday home owners forced off their properties were not pleased. Specially trained porpoises patrol the island offshore; no-one has ever escaped. Then again, given that Ardrossan is the nearest place to escape to, that is perhaps understandable.   

Most of Scotland’s mainland prisons have been demolished, some have been converted into flats, while Castle Huntly remains a holiday camp. Now the big question is being asked: what to do with Barlinnie?  


While the government deliberates, London-based film company G&T productions have been commissioned by Channel Four to make a documentary about Scotland’s most famous prison but Joshua, the Oxbridge producer/director, is not quite sure what angle to take. He therefore decides to research the subject by interviewing former prison staff and inmates in a bid to create a picture of what Barlinnie was, is or could be. Needless to say Joshua's’s vision and reality are in complete conflict with each other.