Written by Dave Anderson

Directed by Stasi Schaeffer


New theatre from veteran actor, playwright and musician David Anderson, (City Lights and Gregory's Girl), Katie Barnett and Jack Mullen.

An Old Guy visits a “Seaside Museum” on his bus pass, where he finds a Punch & Judy stall. When no-one is looking, he peeks in, and finds himself in the year 1960. He’s 15 years old, and holidaying on the coast of the West of Scotland.

It’s a world of rock’n’roll, “teenagers”, burgeoning consumerism, rampant hormones, lazy daytimes gazing into rock pools, love of all things American, and A Girl.

Not The Girl he’s left behind and whom he’s afraid of losing to an Older Man (17 years-old). No. An altogether more exotic creature. The one who introduces him to the Butterfly Kiss.

Dwight Eisenhower is President of the United States. Elvis releases “It’s Now or Never”

A message in a bottle is washed up on the beach. People have jobs, making things. There’s only one TV channel, to which only some people have access.

Dave Anderson presents the latest episode in his cycle of mini-musicals for A Play, a Pie and a Pint.

8-date Scottish tour Spring 2014

8-date Scottish tour Spring 2015 

"The show as a whole is extraordinarily moving and powerful..." ****The Scotsman